About Nuni

Yehuda Nuni, Painter and Digital artist

From young age, Nuni was the center of attention when people gathered around the drawings painted by the young artist.

During the years the love for drawing of the artist has grown, a thing he enjoyed doing on daily basis, mainly using oil and pencil colors.

In high school majored Architecture and later spent his mandatory military service as a painter in the Israeli Medical Corps, there he painted multiple medical books.

After finishing the military service, Nuni was accepted to “Bezalel” Academy of art and design, but did not continue his registration.

As years gone by, Nuni turned to business in a different field and has drawn less and less, until one day, he has discovered the world of digital drawing which revived and even increased his passion for drawing.

A whole new world was discovered in front of his eyes, which allowed him to experiment with new art styles.

Today, Nuni is part of a digital artists community, consists more than 6 million active members from around the world who share their ideas and drawings using an application called PenUp by Samsung, there Nuni is considered one of the leading members, an honor that has awarded him to enter PenUp’s Hall of Fame.

Nuni is drawing on his Galaxy Note device and mixes his digital drawing with the oil paintings over the canvas.

Lately, Nuni was granted with a great respect by Samsung when he was invited to participate in the premiere of the new Samsung Galaxy Note device, as a honored guest, in this event Nuni was lecturing about the art of Digital drawing.